Mauricio Núñez-Regueiro
Postdoctoral Research Associate, Bridging Biodiversity and Conservation Science

Mauricio (Mau) Núñez-Regueiro is a postdoctoral research associate with the Bridging Biodiversity and Conservation Science initiative at the Institute of the Environment. His educational background is in landscape ecology and conservation biology, and he has an interest in research topics that have strong policy or management implications. Mau’s research has focused on how environmental policy aimed at directing land-use change and biofuel production affects biodiversity globally. He has also studied how market-based strategies are able to protect some of the most endangered forested ecosystems. Mau is also interested in linking conservation science and practice throughout Latin America and he is the president of the Southern Cone of South America Chapter of the Society for Conservation Biology. At the University of Arizona, Mau will work with an interdisciplinary team to create novel synthetic research to tackle critical issues in biodiversity and conservation projects integrating public health, emerging diseases, public policy, and national security. 

Research Themes: 
Governance, Law, and Policy
Natural Environment and Biodiversity
Conservation biology

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