Between Earth and Sky: Climate Change on the Last Frontier

Tuesday, September 12, 2017
Event Time: 
7:30 pm
Event Type: 
Film / Performance / Reading
The Loft Cinema
Joseph Blankinship, Assistant Professor, Department of Soil, Water and Environmental Science
Moira Hough, PhD candidate, Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Craig Rasmussen, Professor, Department of Soil, Water and Environmental Science

Between Earth and Sky examines climate change through the lens of impacts to native Alaskans, receding glaciers, and arctic soil. The island of Shishmaref has been home to the Inupiaq people for thousands of years. As sea ice retreats and coastal storms increase, the people of Shishmaref are faced with a disappearing island and a $200 million price tag to move their people with an untold cost on their culture and history. Mixing interviews with some of the world’s leading scientists in climate change and arctic soils, with the day to day struggle of native Alaskans living on the front lines of global warming, Between Earth and Sky shows the calamity of climate change that has started in Alaska but will soon engulf the globe. The film will be followed by a panel discussion featuring science experts from the University of Arizona.