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Architecture Accelerated Master's Program (MS)

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Arch, Planning, & Landscape Arch
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Architecture (MS) - Accelerated Master's Program 

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The School of Architecture in association with the Graduate College offers exceptional undergraduate students with majors in Architecture (B.Arch)  and Sustainable Built Envrionments (SBE) the opportunity to earn both a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in as few as 5 years. The Accelerated Master’s Program (AMP) with a major in Architecture allows top undergraduates to continue in a graduate program in the same UA discipline. Application and Enrollment Instructions: Follow standard Graduate College application procedure:  Apply for the term AFTER the projected completion of your B.Arch or SBE degree. This will allow you to “stockpile” graduate credit while still paying undergraduate tuition and remaining eligible for undergraduate financial aid. After admission to the AMP, students in their 4th and/or 5th years may begin to take graduate courses in their preferred curriculum. Twelve of the graduate units earned may be used to count toward both degrees. These units will meet the Upper Division Open Elective requirement.  Prerequisites for admission to the AMP: UA requirements Completion of 75 undergraduate units at the time of application to the AMP. Completion of 90 undergraduate units at the time of admission to the AMP. Cumulative GPA of 3.3 on a minimum of 12 undergraduate units earned at the UA. Completion or near completion of general education requirements. Submission of a graduate application and payment of a graduate application fee. Demonstration of the maturity necessary for success in an accelerated, highly competitive program. Expectation to complete the undergraduate degree within five years. The undergraduate degree requirements must be completed before the student is eligible to have the Master’s degree awarded.

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School of Architecture -

The School of Architecture is devoted to professional education with a sensibility honed in the edge conditions of an extreme climate on a major international border. Located in the oldest continuously-inhabited city in the United States, the School combines a culturally rich past with cutting-edge environmental research in its place-based design approach to the arid environment.

The making of architecture is a sensible technical and aesthetic activity that serves the needs of human shelter. The construction of shelter is an imaginative cultural research that enables dwelling as a fundamental human aspiration and means to a graceful life. This pursuit must be inflected by place, the geography of Arizona, and the culture of the Southwest. The design for place must be influenced by a portable global sensibility, yet observant of local traditions, tempered by material circumstances, and expressive of the ethos of time and place.