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Civil Engr & Engr Mechanics Accelerated Master's Program (ME)

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Engineering (ME) - Civil Engr & Engr Mechanics Accelerated Master's Program 

Program Description

Through the new 3+2 Accelerated Masters Program (AMP) in the Department of Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics (CEEM) at the University of Arizona, you can leverage your undergraduate work in Civil Engineering into a graduate degree through the investment of one additional year of coursework. During a student’s senior year a student may take several technical electives at the graduate level. After completing the course with the associated graduate requirements, the student will receive credit toward their undergraduate degree and a Master’s degree. The AMP offers flexibility: by focusing your graduate classes in one area, you can obtain your M.E. degree in the following sub-disciplines: Geotechnical, Hydraulics/Hydrology, Engineering Mechanics, Structures or Transportation. You may elect to pursue an emphasis in Engineering Management in the coursework option or include Engineering Management courses in other options in coordination with your adviser.

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College of Engineering

The College of Engineering was founded when the University of Arizona opened its doors in 1885. Mining was the bedrock of Arizona’s economy at that time, and educating mining engineers was a top priority – indeed, it still is.

As the state’s economy grew and diversified, the College of Engineering continued to play a pivotal role in providing the research and engineering expertise necessary for that growth.

In today’s competitive environment, graduates of the college are the entrepreneurs developing high-tech companies that are creating jobs and improving our quality of life.

An engineering education will provide the research to build new industries and the knowledge for those who run them.