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Engineering (ME) - Civil Engineering & Engineering Mechanics

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Engineering (ME) - Civil Engineering & Engineering Mechanics  

Program Description

Program Requirements

Minimum Credit Hours - 30

Core Courses

1. All programs of study will require completion of at least 30 graduate credits.
2. Each program will require 3 credit hours of courses in each of the following
subject areas:
a. Engineering management/business
b. Applied engineering mathematics

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College of Engineering -

The College of Engineering was founded when the University of Arizona opened its doors in 1885. Mining was the bedrock of Arizona’s economy at that time, and educating mining engineers was a top priority – indeed, it still is.

As the state’s economy grew and diversified, the College of Engineering continued to play a pivotal role in providing the research and engineering expertise necessary for that growth.

In today’s competitive environment, graduates of the college are the entrepreneurs developing high-tech companies that are creating jobs and improving our quality of life.

An engineering education will provide the research to build new industries and the knowledge for those who run them.