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Zoo and Aquarium Conservation

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Agriculture & Life Sciences
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Traditional Wildlife Conservation and Management consists of the study of wild animals, their biology and the interrelationships with each other, with humans, and with the physical and biological environment that makes up their habitat. Managers and biologists are concerned with maintaining species diversity, improving conditions for declining and endangered species, and managing populations that are hunted or fished.   In recent years, zoological parks and aquaria have played an increasing and important role in conservation from education to active roles in captive breeding.

The purpose of this undergraduate certificate is to provide a specialized program of study for students wishing to pursue a career in zoological parks and aquariums.  Few universities provide opportunities to specialize in zoo biology in the U.S.  Additionally, many students will be exposed to a broader spectrum of conservation efforts and will benefit from this breadth. 

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Natural Environment and Biodiversity
Science Engagement