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International Environmental Conservation

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Agriculture & Life Sciences
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These Study Abroad programs offer an amazing opportunity to visit some of the least-visited places on the planet. Whereas many travel abroad experiences involve looking through a tour bus window, we offer a more intimate look at the cultures and natural history of Australia, Ecuador, and Namibia. Students participate in actual research related to conservation and environmental science, and these classes fulfill course requirements for a variety of majors. They can also be applied to obtain an undergraduate certificate in International Environmental Conservation (pending approval).

Honors credit is available on each program and all satisfy the UA Environmental Science capstone requirement.

Courses offer direct UA credit sponsored by the UA Department of Soil, Water & Environmental Science. These programs are run by Dr. Hans-Werner Herrmann, Associate Research Scientist, Wildlife Conservation and Management, School of Natural Resources and the Environment and Dr. Thomas Wilson, Associate Professor of Practice, Department of Soil, Water & Environmental Science.

This is an undergraduate certificate.

Research Themes: 
Climate and Adaptation
Food Systems and Security
Governance, Law, and Policy
Natural Environment and Biodiversity
Science Engagement