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Rock Mechanics

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Rock Mechanics (Certificate NDP) 

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If you’re currently working in a mining or geological engineering industry and are seeking to develop specialized skills in rock mass behavior and properties, the online Graduate Certificate in Geomechanics/Rock Mechanics is an ideal solution. The program provides in-depth insight into geological engineering and mining principles shaped and taught by experts in the industry and leading faculty.

As a student, you’ll examine the core technical and scientific principles that guide safe, geotechnical design and evaluation, gaining the competencies needed to navigate the excavation process. You’ll closely explore aspects of underground construction and stability analysis, learning to harvest raw materials while eliminating the hazards of subterranean ventures. Additionally, you’ll have the opportunity to pursue an elective course in the area of study that interests you most, with topics ranging from mine ventilation and soil assessment to earth pressure theories.

The program is shaped by industry leaders to offer a relevant, rigorous exploration of advanced concepts in geological engineering. The curriculum is presented through interactive learning materials and projects, which makes the program a convenient means of professional development for those working full-time.

Beyond that, should you decide to pursue the Master of Engineering in Mining and Geological Engineering after graduation, all the units of credit completed through the certificate can be transferred. 

Program Format Options: On-Campus, Online

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Mining & Geological Engineering


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Informatics, Modeling, and Remote Sensing
Natural Environment and Biodiversity