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Mine Production & Info Tech

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Mine Production & Info Tech (Certificate NDP) 

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Mining operations demand a very specific type of expertise, both in terms of scientific knowledge and the unique technological tools utilized. Engineers with a complete grasp of operational and computing tools that impact the day-to-day functions of an excavation can provide significant value to their organization. Those that can also help keep production processes cost-efficient can be truly invaluable assets.

As a student of the Graduate Certificate in Mine Production and Information Technology, you’ll complete advanced coursework that explores the operational systems used to drive efficient mining facilities around the world.

If you’re interested in developing your ability to find (or build) the right tool for the challenge at hand and use it effectively, the program can help you reach your goals. The program, designed and taught by leaders in the mining industry and accomplished UA faculty, consists of detailed courses in the applications, software, and advanced technologies used to shape the production process on a daily basis. The program closely examines technologies used to monitor mining environments, manage information, and recognize patterns in statistical data.

This program can also offer you the opportunity to complete hands-on training in various systems and gain insight into the systems engineering process, preparing you to create new platforms and structures that suit any situation. Upon graduation, you’ll be poised to use these principles to design and maintain large-scale earth-moving systems, analyze operational processes for financial concerns, and generate and use valuable modeling information to drive more efficient practices.

If, after graduating from the program, you decide to pursue the Master of Engineering in Mining and Geological Engineering, all of the credits earned during your certificate coursework are transferrable towards that credential. 

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Mining & Geologicl Engineering -


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Business and Economics
Informatics, Modeling, and Remote Sensing
Natural Environment and Biodiversity