Cara Gibson (Photo: Mamta Popat)
Cara Gibson
Assistant Professor of Practice, Entomology
Director of Science Communications, Entomology
(520) 626-7366
PhD, Entomology, University of Arizona, 2008

My formal training as an entomologist centered around insect-fungal symbioses; research that required an interdisciplinary approach combining systematics and biodiversity, ecology and evolution, and microbiology.

Following my graduate and post-doctoral work, I was the first Insect Ecologist Staff Scientist at the National Science Foundation’s National Ecological Observatory Network (NEON), where I spearheaded all of the insect collection, analysis and archiving protocols for this multi-decadal, distributed monitoring project. Since 2012, I have coordinated the Arizona Insect Festival and done all of the graphic design work for this and other freelance projects >> 

I also teach several entomology courses and work to integrate our science with our broader community.

Selected Citations: 

Gibson, CM. 2017. Outside the Tower: A big, bug science party. Science 355 (6321): 141.

Kao, RH, CM Gibson et al. 2012. NEON terrestrial field observations: Designing continental-scale, standardized sampling. Ecosphere. 3:art115.

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Gibson, CM & MS Hunter. 2010. Extraordinarily widespread & fantastically complex: Comparative biology of endosymbiotic bacterial & fungal mutualists of insects. Ecology Letters 13:223-34

Research Themes: 
Environmental Arts and Humanities
Graphic design
Food Systems and Security
Pest management
Natural Environment and Biodiversity
Community education
Urban ecology
Science Engagement
Urban Environment
Public Health

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