Andrea K. Gerlak
Associate Professor, School of Geography and Development
Associate Research Professor, Udall Center for Studies in Public Policy
(520) 621-1842
PhD, Political Science University of Arizona, 1997

Andrea Gerlak's research interests are in the fields of public policy, institutional theory, natural resource management, and water governance. Her research addresses conditions supporting collective action, the interface between science and policy, and institutional change and adaptability in large-scale ecosystem settings in the United States. In international transboundary settings, she studies the role of intergovernmental organizations in cooperative institutional arrangements, scientific knowledge and information sharing in global water governance, and issues of equity and justice.

Selected Citations: 

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Research Themes: 
Human dimensions
Stakeholder engagement
Water resources
Institutional analysis
Natural resource management
Water resource management
Science Engagement
Connecting science and decision making
Urban Environment
Green infrastructure
Water resource management
Water conflicts
Water law and policy
Water resource management

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