Desert Harvesters Employment & Volunteer

Location of Opportunity: 
Off Campus
Opportunity Description: 

Desert Harvesters is a non-profit, grassroots effort based in Tucson, Arizona. We strive to promote, celebrate, and enhance local food and water security by encouraging the planting of rain along with indigenous, food-bearing perennial plants (such as the velvet mesquite or Prosopis velutina,foothills palo verde, & desert ironwood trees, prickly pear cactus, saguaro cactus, barrel cactus) where we live, work, and play. We plant within or beside water-harvesting earthworks or rain gardens. This way these plants thrive and produce solely on passive rainwater irrigation – no imported surface or groundwater.

Then we educate the public on how to harvest and process the bounty. To that aim, we conduct guided harvests, put on an annual mesquite milling & wild foods fiesta, provide milling services to other organizations, provide wild native foods demonstrations and consulting services, and give public talks.

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Engaged Learning Experience (ELE): 
Engagement Category(s): 
Community Partnership
Creative Expression
Professional Development
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Business and Economics
Climate and Adaptation
Food Systems and Security
Natural Environment and Biodiversity
Public Health
Urban Environment