Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona

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Location of Opportunity: 
Off Campus
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The Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona is a dynamic organization with a mission to reduce hunger through advocacy, education and the distribution of food. Through our programs we strive to combat poverty, improve the health of the community, lend a hand to neighbors in need, and ensure that all of us and our communities have the opportunity to thrive. Many community organizations choose to assist the Food Bank through food drives and other special events.  We are seeking an intern who would assist in the Special Events Office, and help  develop ways to make these community partnerships as effective as possible. Community engagement around the issue of hunger and food security has many benefits in addition to the food or funds collected in a special event.  An intern would be responsible for hands on tasks associated with the special events, and will be encouraged to provide enhancement recommendations to current processes.  The student will learn about the challenges of community engagement, about project management, volunteerism, and community collaboration.


3003 S. Country Club

Engaged Learning Experience (ELE): 
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Engagement Category(s): 
Community Partnership
Professional Development
Research Theme(s): 
Business and Economics
Food Systems and Security
Informatics, Modeling, and Remote Sensing
Public Health
Urban Environment