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Veterinary Science Minor

Degree or Minor: 
Undergraduate Minor
UA College: 
Agriculture & Life Sciences
Degree/Minor Description: 

Students who minor in veterinary sciences will gain a basic upstanding of the biomedical sciences applied to the health and welfare of animals and the public health aspects of human-animal relationships. Students will explore human-animal relationships; interactions with wildlife and domestic animals, animal reproduction, anatomy and physiology; the care of animal populations; microbiology; disease ecology, and pathology.

Research Opportunities: 

Veterinary Diagnostic Lab: This lab provides testing in support of private veterinarians, livestock producers, companion animal owners, aviculturists, zoos, wildlife agencies, university researchers and state regulatory authorities involved in diagnosing, treating, researching or regulating animal disease.

Campus Agricultural Center: The CAC is a 160 acre research, teaching, and extension facility, which supports those functions of the eleven College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS) departments. It is currently home to over 70 different multidisciplinary research studies in the fields, laboratories, and greenhouses.

Research Themes: 
Food Systems and Security
Natural Environment and Biodiversity
Public Health
Science Engagement