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Civil Engineering Minor

Degree or Minor: 
Undergraduate Minor
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The goal of a civil engineer is to enhance the quality of life of the general population by economically providing safe, environmentally sound infrastructure systems. To that end, civil engineers conceive, design, construct, manage, and maintain infrastructure that impact people’s daily lives such as buildings, bridges, transportation systems, water supply networks, flood control structures, and systems for municipal, industrial, and hazardous waste treatment and disposal. These individuals are critical to designing sustainable human environments as well as mitigating the impacts that humans have on the natural environment through structures and waste management systems. Students minoring in civil engineering gain a basic understanding of infrastructure system design and sustainable practices and their implementation.

Research Opportunities: 

Advanced Traffic and Logistics Algorithms and Systems (ATLAS Lab): The ATLAS Lab is a research center that serves to promote research and education in transportation, engineering, and planning. The ATLAS Center mission is to promote and conduct basic research on advanced technologies and methods for transportation and logistics management.

Sustainable City Project: The Sustainable City Project serves as an educational and outreach interface between the University of Arizona and the Tucson community. The project  focuses on issues of sustainable urban development and livable cities through education, outreach, and research. The project is designed to build and support teams composed of university faculty and students representing a diverse array of academic disciplines.

Research Themes: 
Informatics, Modeling, and Remote Sensing
Urban Environment