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Mike Crimmins and Zack Guido Taping a Podcast.

ENSO: A Gift That Keeps Almost Giving

December 18, 2016

In the December (Holiday!) edition of the CLIMAS Southwest Climate Podcast, Mike Crimmins and Zack Guido discuss the last few months of (warm, mostly dry) weather in the Southwest; what the season may hold, given the "weak" La Niña conditions that may (or may not) be sticking around through the early part of 2017; and how the impacts we look for in the Southwest are connected to much larger regional and global phenomena.

Saguaro National Park (Photo courtesy of Joe Parks)

Southwest Climate Outlook December 2016

December 15, 2016

November precipitation totals were average to above average in Arizona’s climate divisions, and above average to much above average in New Mexico’s climate divisions. Long-term drought conditions persist across the Southwest. Borderline weak La Niña conditions are present but are declining, with a likely return of neutral conditions during winter 2016–2017. The December 15 NOAA Climate Prediction Center’s outlook for January calls for increased chances of below-average precipitation and above-average temperatures.

Rio Puerco (Photo courtesy of USGS)

November 2016 CLIMAS Southwest Climate Podcast: Southwest Climate & Water Year in Review

November 23, 2016

In the November edition of the CLIMAS Southwest Climate Podcast, Mike Crimmins and Zack Guido cover a range of topics, including: 1) a recap of the last month of weather in the Southwest; 2) a look back at the water year to discuss how the Southwest fared; and 3) a look forward to La Niña - what the models are saying, as well as what these patterns might mean for winter in the Southwest.

Remy Franklin (right) stands with fellow SustainUS delegates and Moroccan activists outside the United Nations climate talks.

Grad Student Attends UN Climate Change Conference

November 23, 2016

Remy Franklin, a master's student committed to addressing domestic and international ramifications of climate change, represented the UA at the United Nations Climate Change Conference, held this month in Morocco.