Michael Evans
Adjunct Associate Professor, Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research
(301) 405-8763
PhD, Earth and Environmental Sciences, Columbia University, 1999

High resolution multiproxy paleoclimatology of the late Holocene, with special emphasis on tropical processes, hydrometeorological variations, and global climate change. Forward modeling of the processes by which environmental forcing is represented in observations collected from paleoclimatic archives. Analysis of historical climate data sets. Climate field reconstruction from sparse observational networks. Analysis and modeling of paleo-reconstruction uncertainties. Synthesis of paleoclimate observations and simulations.

Selected Citations: 

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PAGES2k-PMIP3 group (including M.N. Evans), 2015, Continental-scale temperature variability in PMIP3 simulations and PAGES2k regional temperature reconstructions over the past millennium, Clim. Past., doi: 10.5194/cp-11-1673-2015, www.clim-past.net/11/1673/2015/.

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2015 Zhang, Q.-B., M.N. Evans, and L. Lyu, Moisture dipole over the Tibetan Plateau during the past five and a half centuries, Nat. Comm., 6, 8062, doi: 10.1038/ncomms9062.

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Research Themes: 
Climate variability

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