Michael Bogan
Assistant Professor, School of Natural Resources and the Environment
(520) 621-1086
Ph.D. 2012, Zoology, Oregon State University, Corvallis

Dr. Bogan is an assistant professor in the School of Natural Resources and the Environment and he currently serves as the president of the Desert Fishes Council. His research focuses on how disturbance and dispersal processes shape biodiversity in aquatic and riparian ecosystems. Before coming to the University of Arizona, he was a David H. Smith Conservation Research Fellow at the University of California Berkeley. In California, Dr. Bogan assessed the impacts of stream drying on aquatic biodiversity to identify minimum flow needs and influence water withdrawal planning. He earned his graduate degrees from Oregon State University where his research focused on stream ecosystems of the Madrean Sky Islands and Sonoran Desert. Before academia, Dr. Bogan worked as a scientific aide at the California Department of Fish and Wildlife and as a research associate at the Sierra Nevada Aquatic Research Lab.

Selected Citations: 

Bogan, M.T., K.S. Boersma, and D.A. Lytle. 2015. Resistance and resilience of invertebrate communities to seasonal and supraseasonal drought in arid-land headwater streams. Freshwater Biology 60: 547–2558.

Bogan, M.T., N. Noriega-Felix, S.L. Vidal-Aguilar, L.T. Findley, D.A. Lytle, O.G. Gutierrez-Ruacho, J.A. Alavarado-Castro, & A. Varela-Romero. 2014. Biogeography and conservation of aquatic fauna in
spring-fed tropical canyons of the southern Sonoran Desert, Mexico. Biodiversity and Conservation 23: 2705-2748.

Bogan, M.T., K.S. Boersma, and D.A. Lytle. 2013. Flow intermittency alters longitudinal patterns of invertebrate diversity and assemblage composition in an arid-land stream network. Freshwater Biology 58: 1016-1028.

Research Themes: 
Arid lands
Conservation biology
Ecosystem disturbances
Riparian ecology
Sky Islands
Science Engagement

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