Joseph Blankinship
Joseph Blankinship
Assistant Professor, Department of Soil, Water and Environmental Science
(520) 621-9229
PhD, Biology, Northern Arizona University, 2009

Joey Blankinship is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Soil, Water, and Environmental Science at the University of Arizona. Dr. Blankinship has a BA in Environmental Sciences from the University of Virginia and a PhD in Biology from Northern Arizona University. Dr. Blankinship specializes in soil biogeochemistry in order to better understand the mechanisms underlying soil greenhouse gas emissions, soil carbon stabilization, soil aggregate formation, soil nutrient dynamics, and soil water retention. Developing a mechanistic view of these critical ecosystem processes will lead to the most effective strategies for soil conservation, dust abatement (and associated disease control and traffic safety), increased productivity in drought-prone agricultural systems, soil carbon sequestration, and potential diversion of municipal and industrial organic waste (e.g., compost and biochar) to enhancing soil health.

Selected Citations: 

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Brown, J. R., Blankinship, J. C., Niboyet, A., van Groenigen, K. J., Dijkstra, P., Le Roux, X., ... & Hungate, B. A. (2012). Effects of multiple global change treatments on soil N2O fluxes. Biogeochemistry, 109(1-3), 85-100.

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Research Themes: 
Natural resource management
Arid lands
Climate change
Ecosystem management
Global warming
Land use
Natural resource management
Water resources
Biogeochemical processes
Natural Environment and Biodiversity
Carbon cycling
Ecosystem disturbances
Ecosystem ecology
Ecosystem restoration
Ecosystem services
Erosion and sedimentation
Grasslands and savannas
Indigenous knowledge
Nutrient cycling
Soil science
Terrestrial ecology
Public Health

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