Jeong-Yeol Yoon
Professor, Agricultural & Biosystems Engineering
Joint Professor, Biomedical Engineering
(520) 621-3587
Ph.D. Chemical Engineering, Yonsei University, 1999

Jeong-Yeol Yoon is Professor in Department of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering, with joint appointment in Department of Biomedical Engineering, at the University of Arizona. He is Editor-in-Chief for Journal of Biological Engineering, and President of Institute of Biological Engineering in 2015 calendar year. His research is focused on developing smartphone- and lab-on-a-chip-based handheld biosensors towards medical diagnostics, food and water safety, and environmental monitoring.

Selected Citations: 

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Research Themes: 
Food safety
Optics and imaging
Public Health
Air quality
Infectious disease
Water contaminants
Public Health

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