ENR2 Roof

Room Number: 
Room Location: 
Roof, north side of the building
Room Type: 
Standard Setup: 
Picnic tables
Tables Available: 
Chairs Available: 
A/V and Amenities: 

Limited shade structure and lighting


The north side of the ENR2 roof has limited availability for private events. The roof includes off-limits sunken spaces for future gardens, two large picnic tables and benches that seat 10 each, two small square tables with four chairs each, a bathroom, and limited elevator access. A roof reservation DOES NOT include access to or reservation of the rooftop executive conference room and lobby. Please schedule a site visit to the roof to ensure its unusual layout will work for your event. 

Limited availability. For security purposes, to reserve outside of business hours, we require proof of security arrangements with UAPD aides. UAPD charges $30-$40 per hour, with a 3-hour minimum per aide, and asks for two weeks' notice. Visit http://uapd.arizona.edu/services-resources/special-events for more information.

IE reserves the right to bump reservations; however, IE will make every attempt to avoid doing so. 

If your event includes food/beverage, has more than 50 people, or falls on a weekend, you must fill out Facilities Management's special event request form to notify custodial. This will ensure your rooms are clean and prepared, and bathrooms are fully stocked and supplied. After arranging custodial, please forward confirmation to enr2roomres@email.arizona.edu; if we do not receive this notification, we reserve the right to cancel your event. *Note, charges via FM may apply.

The roof is extremely windy, and organizers are discourage from placing heated chafing dishes outdoors. If organizers move the outdoor furniture, they MUST move it back after the event.

Organizers are responsible for coordinating all aspects of their event, including arranging for food and beverage, signage, additional tables and/or chairs, event promotion, etc. Organizers must communicate set-up and take-down timing and plans with IE to ensure access to the building. 

Please note: the south side of the roof is off-limits. 

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