ENR2 Courtyard

ENR2 Courtyard
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First floor
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Outdoor courtyard
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The courtyard is designed to mimic a desert slot canyon and includes rocky landscaping, desert plants, curvy paths and limited sight lines. Please visit the courtyard prior to requesting a reservation to ensure its unusual layout will work for your event. Please be aware that this is a public space adjacent to a 600-person auditorium that holds daily classes until 6:30pm.

Food and beverage are allowed; however, the courtyard must be cleaned and put back to the way it was found prior to the event. Due to wind currents within the ENR2 canyon, organizers are encouraged to place heated foods indoors.

If your event includes food/beverage, has more than 50 people, or falls on a weekend, you must fill out Facilities Management's special event request form to notify custodial. This will ensure your rooms are clean and prepared, and bathrooms are fully stocked and supplied. After arranging custodial, please forward confirmation to enr2roomres@email.arizona.edu; if we do not receive this notification, we reserve the right to cancel your event. *Note, charges via FM may apply.

Organizers are responsible for coordinating all aspects of their event, including arranging for food and beverage, signage, tables and/or chairs, event promotion, etc. To ensure accessibility, a five-foot unobstructed pathway from the main entrance to the elevators must be maintained at all times. Additionally, the east and west stairways must remain accessible at all times with an unobstructed access point at least three feet in width. Organizers must communicate set-up and take-down timing and plans with IE to ensure access to the building.

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