Agnese Nelms Haury Lecture Hall, S107

Room Number: 
Room Location: 
First floor, southwest
Room Type: 
Tiered lecture hall
Square Footage: 
Standard Setup: 
Fixed tables with moveable chairs (classroom style)
Tables Available: 
Chairs Available: 
A/V and Amenities: 
  • Two projectors, screens and HDMI and VGA cables for connecting your personal laptop.  
  • House computer (PC) available for use. 
  • "Elmo" Document Camera.
  • Two handheld microphones and six lavelier microphones. 
  • Two front-facing cameras and one audience-facing camera.  
  • Each seat is equiped with an electrical outlet.
  • Assistive Listening Copper "Loop" System installed for hearing impaired individuals.  Assisted listening devices available at the front podium. 

IE does not provide additional computers, laser pointers, presentation clickers, or adapters.

Wifi is accessible via UAGuest or UAWiFi.

IE staff will be available to schedule a brief overview of the technology available in the room in advance of the event; however, IE staff are NOT available to provide A/V or technical support during the course of a non-IE event.


IE reserves the right to bump reservations; however, IE will make every attempt to avoid doing so. If available, IE will provide alternative space within ENR2. 

If your event includes food/beverage, has more than 50 people, or falls on a weekend, you must fill out Facilities Management's special event request form to notify custodial. This will ensure your rooms are clean and prepared, and bathrooms are fully stocked and supplied. After arranging custodial, please forward confirmation to; if we do not receive this notification, we reserve the right to cancel your event. *Note, charges via FM may apply.

Organizers are responsible for coordinating all aspects of their event, including arranging for food and beverage, signage, additional tables and/or chairs, event promotion, etc. If organizers rearrange the tables and chairs for an event, they are responsible for returning all furniture to its original configuration at the end of the event.  

Request a Reservation: