Heidi Brown
Assistant Professor, Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics
Assistant Professor, School of Geography and Development
Assistant Professor, Center for Insect Science
(520) 626-2262

Dr Brown works on a variety of vector-borne and zoonotic diseases with an effort to better understand and thus control human disease risk. The complex nature of these systems require blending field collections, ecological assessment, laboratory experiments, epidemiological analysis, spatial statistics, remote sensing, geographic information systems, and computer-based modeling in order to develop a more comprehensive view of disease dynamics. Current research areas include: West Nile virus, dengue, canine heartworm, valley fever, spatial epidemiology, and climate change.

Selected Citations: 

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Research Themes: 
Climate and Adaptation
Climate change
Remote sensing
Informatics, Modeling, and Remote Sensing
Data analysis
Data management
Mathematical and system dynamics modeling
Modeling and simulation
Natural Environment and Biodiversity
Modeling and simulation
Public Health
Infectious disease
Pest management
Urban Environment
Public Health

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