Two Companies See a Golden Opportunity in the Tijuana River's Brown Waters

Two competing forces – one from the United States and another from Mexico – are rethinking the region’s oldest and dirtiest problem, imagining it instead as a moneymaking opportunity.

This is a war: Cross-border fight over water erupts in Mexico

Farmers in Mexico ambushed soldiers and seized a dam to stop water payments to the United States, in a sign of growing conflict over increasingly scarce resources. 

Experts say Arizona drought won’t affect Tucson’s water supply

Right now, a majority of Arizona is experiencing a severe drought, so bad that experts say it’s the worst on record.

University of Arizona Researcher leading project to create A.I. to model the nation’s groundwater

A University of Arizona researcher is leading a National Science Foundation project that is integrating A.I. to simulate the nation's groundwater supply for the purpose of forecasting droughts and floods.

Droughts That Start Over the Ocean? They’re Often Worse Than Those That Form Over Land

New research on ‘landfalling’ droughts could help provide early warnings for vulnerable communities.

Water forum links healthy forests to healthy watershed

Do you know where your water comes from? Do you harvest rainwater, take shorter showers or limit your water use to conserve and protect the resource? One year ago, the University of Arizona Water Resources Research Center polled Gila County residents about water use and awareness. Some of the results may surprise you