Arizona still in a mega-drought

Arizona’s in the midst of perhaps the worst drought in 1,200 years, regardless of the blessings of a relatively normal winter, according to study published in the peer-reviewed journal Science.

Salt, Verde watersheds may prove less vulnerable to drought

Arizona’s already hot and dry. So if it gets hotter and drier – we’re toast. Right? Well, not necessarily – leastwise, not on the Salt and Verde watersheds.

America’s longest river was recently drier than during the Dust Bowl. And it’s bound to happen again.

Rising temperatures due to climate change dramatically reduced the snowpack that feeds the Upper Missouri River Basin.

Supercharged by climate change, ‘megadrought’ points to drier future in the West

Global warming turned what would have been a moderate 19-year drought into one of the most severe 'Megadroughts' of the last 1200 years.

Decoding the Skies: The Impact of Water Vapor on Afternoon Rainfall

The role of incoming water vapor in rainfall has been a complex area of study, but new research shows water vapor is a vital piece of the puzzle.

Redirecting the river: Researchers, officials plan sediment removal for the Santa Cruz

Just under a year ago, Tucson Water launched the Santa Cruz River Heritage Project, an undertaking that brought much fanfare when city officials opened the valve to provide year-round water flow to a dried-up section of the river at the base of A Mountain.