Rebakah Waller in a greenhouse

PhD Candidate Rebekah Waller Shows Us How Greenhouses Can Transform the Future of Agriculture

Have you ever heard of Controlled Environment Agriculture? Read more about how PhD candidate Rebekah Waller helps to make our food systems more sustainable.

Startup Licenses UArizona Alternative Solar Energy System

The high-efficiency photovoltaic system licensed by Gen3 captures more heat and energy than currently available solar panels.

UA student working to create ‘non-clogging’ toilet paper

Toilet paper isn’t something many people think about until we either need it, we’re out of it or as many people saw this spring, it was nowhere to be found.

Harnessing the Sun to Purify Concentrated Waste Streams

A team of engineers and scientists is developing a solar-powered desalination system to recover water from concentrated waste streams with maximum efficiency.

Sustainable Bioeconomy for Arid Regions (SBAR)

The SBAR Center of Excellence works to optimize and integrate the production of guayule and guar to enable the Southwest U.S. to significantly impact biofuel and other high-value product markets and to improve quality of life in rural communities and Native Nations. 

School of Sustainable Engineered Systems

The School of Sustainable Engineered Systems will be a leader in the improved design of linkages between our natural and engineered systems to sustainably provide material resources, water, energy, infrastructure, and manufactured products through innovative education, research, and outreach.