I Explored A $200,000,000 Forgotten Space Colony


We went to Biosphere 2 to explore and try to understand it's confusing past.

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AIR Celebrates Diana Liverman’s Election to National Academy of Sciences and American Academy of Arts and Sciences

Regents Professor and Director of the School of Geography & Development Diana Liverman joins the ranks of America’s most accomplished scholars, scientists, artists and leaders for her contributions on the human dimensions of global change.

Tree Rings Could Pin Down Thera Volcano Eruption Date

Research led by the University of Arizona Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research has anchored a long sequence of tree rings, providing context for the civilizations that existed throughout the Bronze and Iron Ages.

Dean Carter Binational Center for Environmental Health Sciences

The Dean Carter Binational Center supports binational research in the environmental sciences aimed at improving public health in Mexico and the U.S.-Mexico Border, particularly by solving problems at contaminated sites and developing assessment and remediation methodologies that are broadly applicable.

International Research Applications Program (IRAP)

The IRAP project advances climate adaptation and enhances climate resilience of communities and sectors in the Caribbean, Asia, and West Africa, by co-developing place-based decision-support systems that reduce climate vulnerability and build capacity to manage water resources, food production, hazard risks, and coastal systems.

Global & International Environmental Solutions

UArizona sets the standard for an international university in the digital age. Global engagement enriches the University of Arizona and positively impacts the world. Our students and faculty work from local to global scales to advance knowledge and build collaborative solutions to environmental problems.