Agrivoltaics works better with leafy greens, root crops

U.S. researchers have created a new model to assess the overlap between solar potential and underlying land use. The areas with the largest potential are the western United States, southern Africa, and the Middle East. The researchers concluded that croplands, grasslands, and wetlands are the top three land classes for PV projects linked to agricultural activities, while barren terrain, traditionally prioritized for solar PV system installation, ranked fifth.

Op-ed: Migrant Farmworkers, Native Ranchers in Border States Hit Hardest by COVID-19

An agricultural ecologist points to systemic racism resulting in a devastating lack of response to the pandemic.

Women in Produce

Award-winning microbiologist Channah Rock is in the business of keeping our food safe. Fortunately for us, she loves her job.

A new vision for farming: Chickens, sheep, and ... solar panels

Agriculture and the solar power industry have at times been at odds, competing for the landscape. But some farmers and developers are finding that the two can be complementary.

On this Earth Day, let’s think about agriculture

Farmers and ranchers hold the key to carbon storage.

$3 million NSF grant supports search for heat-tolerant tomatoes

When your tomato plants won’t bear fruit during the dog days of summer, a team of Wake Forest researchers led by Gloria Muday will be in the lab, trying to find a plant that thrives despite the heat.