New documentary, The West is Burning, chronicling the era of the megafire, premiers Nov. 14 on KCET

The new documentary THE WEST IS BURNING premiering next month in Southern California on KCET, examines the history of forest management and litigation to raise awareness of the current conditions of forests in the western U.S.

Mount Graham red squirrel population grows after a wildfire devastated critical habitat

The population of Mount Graham red squirrels in Arizona has reached triple digits for the first time since a wildfire pushed the subspecies close to extinction three years ago, state wildlife officials said Monday.

This is a war: Cross-border fight over water erupts in Mexico

Farmers in Mexico ambushed soldiers and seized a dam to stop water payments to the United States, in a sign of growing conflict over increasingly scarce resources. 

Without the North American Monsoon, Reining in Wildfires Gets Harder

New research shows that while winter rains can temper the beginning of the wildfire season, monsoon rains are what shut them down. This monsoon season was the second-driest on record, leaving Southern Arizona dry and vulnerable.

Mesquite, crucial to Indigenous diets for centuries, works miracles with water and needs no fertilizer. Why don’t we grow more of it?

In a Southwest that’s getting hotter and drier while its population steadily grows, ecologists and Indigenous food activists are increasingly touting mesquite’s potential as a widespread, sustainable drylands crop and food source.

Homes complicate Arizona wildfire response

Development in Arizona's wildlands is making fires more expensive, and in some cases, more difficult to prevent.