Green Engagement Resources

These guides are designed by students for students with information about how to transform your sustainable and/or environmentally-themed project idea into reality. Each guide is a downloadable PDF that you can save to your computer or print.

Green Project Creation and Development

  • Background Research
    Have you thought about what is needed for your project to be successful in the context and community you are working in?
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  • Write Your Project Plan
    How will you to implement your project?
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  • Write Your Mission Statement
    What’s your project purpose?
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  • Learn about UA Departments
    Do you know all the departments at your disposal and how to contact different staff members?
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Managing Your Project

  • Run a Meeting
    Do you know how to run an effective meeting in which your objectives are accomplished and each person knows their tasks?
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  • Manage Your Team
    How do you successfully manage the different personalities and tasks facing your team?
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Networking and Professional Development

  • Write an Email
    How do you start a professional email and what should it contain?
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  • Collaborate Successfully
    What’s the best way to work with other groups and people so that your project is successful?
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  • Work with UA Departments and Staff
    How do you make it easy for busy staff and faculty to say “yes” to helping you with your project?
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  • Meet with Decision Makers
    How best can you approach the decision-makers who could make or break your project?
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  • Market Your Project
    What steps should you take to raise awareness of your project?
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  • Be Professional
    What are the secrets to making yourself and your work appear more professional?
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  • Develop a Budget
    How much will your project cost?
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  • Funding Sources
    Where will you find the funds for your project?
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  • Grant Writing 101
    How do you write a grant?
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  • UA Green Fund
  • Green Fund Mini Grant
    Want to get up to $1,500 to fund your project?
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  • Green Fund Annual Grant Preproposal
    Want to be considered for an Annual Grant? Complete this preproposal first!
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  • Green Fund Annual Grant Proposal Guide
    Have a high cost and long lasting project? This is the grant for you!
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Working with Government and the Community

  • How Government Works
    Do you know how government works at different levels?
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  • The United States of America
    What are ways your project could operate on a federal level?
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  • The State of Arizona
    Should you work with the State to implement your project?
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  • Arizona Counties
    Do you need to work with Pima County or other counties?
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  • The City of Tucson
    Does your project require assistance from the City of Tucson?
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  • Tucson School Districts
    Which school districts might you be able to work with to implement your project?
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  • Tucson Non-Governmental Organizations
    What local organizations can help you with your project?
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  • International Units
    Are there ways your project can have an effect internationally?
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