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Project Assistant
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Off Campus
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The Tucson Arts Brigade is a community arts, civic engagement and education organization. We have sponsored more than 100 temporary and permanent public art projects and provided the Tucson community with learning, service and neighborhood cultural development opportunities in the arts since 1996. Our philosophy of whole-person, whole-community development means working as a team with parents, students, artists, teachers, community leaders and service providers to develop projects.

Our early projects included huge participatory street chalk murals during "Downtown With the Arts" at night. For three years (1997-9) we facilitated puppet making workshops, and an annual "May Day Puppet Parade and Festival". We met in people's garages and living rooms to plan and design murals such as "We Give Birth to Choice Each Day" and "Gaia Project".

From 1998 to 2004 we operated the Community Arts Lab (CAL) in the historic Splinter Brother Warehouse. CAL was a classroom, library, office, community center, theater and gallery. Neighborhood people offered workshops, designed murals, held benefits, storytelling nights and coffee house events. Workshops were facilitated by emerging and established artists offering hands on technical training in beginning and advanced fresco, painting, drawing, printmaking, design, sculpture, performance art, video and photography. Each summer we held a packed summer “Mural Arts Camp” that resulted in mobile and permanent works of community art.

In 2005 TAB began a strategic planning and visioning process aimed at creating a sustainability plan that would insure long term organizational success in bringing the arts to schools, neighborhoods and community centers. To advance this mission TAB has been developing programs that will pave the way to hire artists to work in schools, community centers and neighborhoods throughout Pima County.

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Community Partnership
Creative Expression
Intercultural Exploration
Professional Development
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Business and Economics
Environmental Arts and Humanities
Governance, Law, and Policy
Urban Environment