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Today a student pathways intern position opened for the USDA-APHIS-PPQ office in Nogales (as well as a position in Phoenix). This would be a great foot in the door opportunity for a lot of students interested in a possible government career, and for students interested in possible careers in entomology, plant pathology, botany, plant sciences, etc.

The position is to aid students still attending college, and the student will partner with a USDA mentor and participate in a structured training and professional development and will help them prepare for a possible permanent placement with a federal position once they graduate. The selected students will participate in training and other activities designed to expose them to APHIS’ exciting and broad mission and inclusive culture and to develop key skills needed to be a successful APHIS employee. To be eligible for a position, students must be attending school and physically report to their duty station on a full or part time (at least 16 hours a week) schedule year-round. 


Below are the application links for the two student trainee positions:

Nogales, AZ:

Phoenix, AZ:

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