Resources, Science and Industry Division Jobs

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Off Campus
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Congressional Research Service

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The Resources, Science and Industry (RSI) Division focuses on issues and policy developments concerning the nation's natural resources and environmental management, scientific advances and technology applications, and industry and infrastructure. Resources work includes public lands and other natural resources issues; environment; agriculture, food and fisheries; and energy and minerals. Science coverage includes civilian and military research and development issues, information and telecommunications, space, earth sciences and general science and technology. Support on industry and infrastructure issues includes transportation, public works and critical infrastructure; industrial market structure and regulation, and sector-specific industry analysis.

RSI is subdivided into six research sections, each led by a section research manager:

  • Agriculture and Food Supply
  • Energy and Minerals
  • Environmental Policy
  • Natural Resources and Earth Sciences
  • Science and Technology Policy
  • Transportation and Industry Analysis
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Business and Economics
Climate and Adaptation
Food Systems and Security
Governance, Law, and Policy
Natural Environment and Biodiversity
Public Health