Flathead Lake Biological Station 2019 Summer Session

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Location of Opportunity: 
Off Campus
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Flathead Lake Biological Station, Montana

Opportunity Description: 

Students (undergrads and grads) or others (program coordinators, academic advisors) who are looking for a summer academic program with hands-on field ecology experiences under the open sky. Courses at Flathead Lake Biological Station begin June 24, 2019 and run through August 16, 2019!

A number of 400-level courses still have slots available. The following courses are all 3 credit courses except where noted:

Jun 24 – Aug 1           Evolution of Animal Behavior (New Course 6 cr)

Jun 24 – Jul 5             Environmental Sensors  / Conservation Ecology

Jul 8 – Jul 19              Landscape Ecology / Aquatic Microbial Ecology

Jul 22 – Aug 2            Alpine Ecology / Stream Ecology / UAV Remote Sensing for Freshwater Ecology

Aug 5 – Aug 16          Lake Ecology / Forest and Grassland Ecology

Courses carry undergraduate semester credits at the 300 or 400 levels and graduate credit at the 400 level. Courses can be used in University of Montana’s degree programs and are easily transferred to degree programs at most colleges and universities. Formal admission to University of Montana is not required. Students may apply online through May, 6, 2019 at https://flbs.umt.edu/apps/education/ 

Many scholarships are available! The scholarship application deadline is March 18, 2019. Questions? Call Marie Kohler at 406.872.4515 or send an email to summersession@flbs.umt.edu.

We emphasize experiential learning through direct observation of biota and ecological processes in the field and through hands-on activities using FLBS’ advanced research instrumentation and facilities located on the east shore of Flathead Lake. Courses are taught by outstanding faculty from the University of Montana and beyond and field activities take place  in the “Crown of the Continent”…Glacier National Park and surrounding Mission, Flathead and Swan valleys in northwest Montana.  

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How to apply: 

Apply online here: https://flbs.umt.edu/apps/education/

Classes begin to fill February 15th, 2019

Applications due May 6th, 2019



For more information: 

GET OUT HERE AND JOIN US FOR SUMMER SESSION 2019!  www.youtube.com/embed/t10eDGVxDwc