Fisheries and Aquatic Ecology Student Research Technician

Opportunity Type: 
Location of Opportunity: 
Off Campus
Host Department/Organization: 

Arizona Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit

Opportunity Description: 

Job Summary:

Join the Arizona Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit as a Research Technician investigating the relationship between fish species and their habitat. Our research will attempt to identify specific physical and biological habitat needs of select fish species in the Verde River, AZ. This research will allow for improved habitat management, provide information to aid in the protection of in-stream flows, and contribute to the recovery of sensitive native fish species. Time will be split between working on campus in preparation for trips and in the field as part of multi-day (Up to 10 days!) floats down the Verde River. All applicants should have experience spending multiple-days in the wilderness with river-experience preferable, but not mandatory.

5 positions available: 

(1) Year-round technician. Will play a large role in all aspects of the project

(4) Seasonal technicians: Summer field-work with heaviest workload in May/June (4-5 weeks)

Job Responsibilities and Duties:

- Prepping survey and camping equipment prior to trips / cleaning and organizing gear after trips

- Assist in capturing fish using electrofishing devices (PAED, Backpack, Boat)

- Collect instream microhabitat data (flow, depth, substrate, available cover, temperature)

- Assist in surgical procedures to implant radio tags

- Assist in radio-tracking of tagged individuals

- Participate in multi-day float trips to collect field data

- Upkeep and maintenance of the Fisheries Lab: basic maintenance / cleaning / construction

- Navigate canoes through technical waters (Class I-III)

- Basic data processing and management.


- Working towards a degree in Fisheries, Ecology, Biology, or related field

- Experience navigating canoes and rafts through technical water (preferred)

- Experience spending multiple nights camping in the backcountry

- Ability to maintain enthusiasm and a good attitude in difficult field conditions

- Ability to mobilize for float trips with relative short-notice dependent on flow events

- Must be an undergraduate at U of A enrolled in at least 6 credits for Fall 19’

Time Commitment: 

10-30hr/week with multiple multi-day research trips throughout the year

Paid Position: 


How to apply: 

If interested contact Chris Jenney at with resume attached as soon as possible.