Environmental Education Exchange (EEE)

Location of Opportunity: 
Off Campus
Opportunity Description: 

The Environmental Education Exchange (EEE) is a non-profit organization that teaches and promotes environmental literacy through education, engagement and community outreach. The EEE provides trainings, consultations, workshops, program design and planning services to community organizations, business and educational institutions through a customized approach.  “The Exchange strives to design programs which are ecologically sound, culturally appropriate, and sensitive to regional considerations”.

Website: http://www.eeexchange.org/


738 North 5th Avenue Suite No. 100 Tucson, Arizona 85705

Engaged Learning Experience (ELE): 
How to apply: 

For more information about volunteering and internship please visit: http://www.eeexchange.org/

For more information: 

Brian Stark: 520-576-8666

Engagement Category(s): 
Community Partnership
Creative Expression
Intercultural Exploration
Professional Development
Research Theme(s): 
Climate and Adaptation
Environmental Arts and Humanities
Food Systems and Security
Science Engagement