Service Learning and Students’ Awareness of Sustainability

The UA Community and School Garden Program hired a Graduate Research Assistant to develop and conduct a systematic assessment of the Garden Program’s impact on community participants and UA interns. Participating interns observed and evaluated their peers in consultation with each other, the graduate assistant, and faculty instructors. The quantifiable data this system produces hopes to secure outside funding from the likes of the National Science Foundation and the William T. Grant Foundation—and has the potential to help managers better tailor the program to meet the needs of its participants.

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Ochoa Elementary, Borton Elementary, Manzo Elementary, Davis Bilingual Elementary, Drachman Montessori, JB Wright Elementary, Mission View Elementary, Whitmore Elementary, Roskruge Middle/Elementary School, Tucson High School, City High School and more

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Green Fund

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School of Geography and Development

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Climate and Adaptation
Food Systems and Security
Natural Environment and Biodiversity
Science Engagement
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