Rincon Heights Community Garden: Growing Stronger Community Connections

The Rincon Heights Neighborhood has teamed up with the UA to build a 60-bed community garden that doubles as an outdoor, hands-on learning laboratory for students. With the help of two UA interns, the UA Masters of Public Administration Student Association, and the UA Compost Cats, neighborhood residents have prepared 36 garden beds, planted two fig trees and acquired a cache of shovels and other gardening tools. The group plans to plant 10 more fruit trees and finish another 28 garden beds, several of which will be raised and made wheelchair accessible. There are also plans for a rainwater harvesting system, a solar food dehydrator, a small greenhouse and even a composting outhouse. 

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Rincon Heights Community Garden

Funding Source: 

Green Fund

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UA Masters of Public Administration Association, Compost Cats, Sociology Department

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Food Systems and Security
Natural Environment and Biodiversity
Urban Environment
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For more information, please contact greenguides@email.arizona.edu.