Out of the Recycling Bin, Into the O-Chem Lab

With support from the UA Green Fund, and under the guidance of faculty members from the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, a graduate student is developing a trio of new green experiments, one of which involves chemically recycling the polymer PETE (#1)—a.k.a. plastic bottles. These three new experiments produce minimal waste and require students to use minimally hazardous materials, which makes them more environmentally friendly and safer than o-chem labs of the past. With nearly 1,000 students participating in o-chem labs each semester, these changes have the potential to significantly shrink the UA’s environmental footprint. 

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Koffler 322 (Office of Project organizer)

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Green Fund

Groups/Entities Involved: 

Chemistry and Biochemistry 

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Science Engagement
Urban Environment
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For more information, please contact greenguides@email.arizona.edu.