Nissan Leaf Electric Car Rental

The University of Arizona Facilities Management Motor Pool is excited to own the first all electric car for departments to rent while on University business. The 2011 All Electric Nissan Leaf has a range on one charge of approximately 100 miles and takes only 8 hours to fully charge. The operating cost to charge the Leaf is approximately .02 cents a mile, depending on utility rates. 60% of the interior of the Leaf is made from recycled materials including water bottles. The back of the Leaf has a small solar panel to help keep the 12 volt auxiliary battery charged. With more charging stations being installed throughout Tucson and surrounding areas, the reality of practical, all electric vehicles for campus use is moving ahead. 

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1597 E. 16th St PO Box 210498

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Facilities Management

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Facilities Management

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Urban Environment
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