Composting with the Wildcats

Compost Cats is an entirely student-run project to convert food and green waste from the University of Arizona and other local businesses into a valuable soil amendment, help reduce the carbon footprint of the university, and save the university money by reducing landfill fees. Compost will be donated to campus gardens and landscapes and to community and school garden projects in Tucson. In 2012, as the project continues to expand, compost will also be sold in bulk and in retail packages to generate revenue that helps to sustain the project financially. Monday through Friday, students collect compostable food waste from the Student Union Memorial Center and transport it to the compost site at the UA Agriculture Center. Students also collect compostable waste from 16 local businesses, including Whole Foods, Starbucks, and the University Marriott, as well as clippings from campus landscaping projects. In their first year, from January 2011 to February 2012, the Compost Cats have collected 414,000 pounds of green waste and 198,940 pounds of food waste. 

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Green Fund

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Compost Cats, Student Union, ASUA

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Food Systems and Security
Public Health
Urban Environment
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