Green Clubs & Organizations

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U of A Ecological Restoration Club

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Tuesday 5-6p.m. bimonthly meetings

The Marine Awareness and Conservation Society is a student run organization within the University of Arizona.  Founded in 2007, MACS members engage in public outreach events, philanthropy, and fundraisers.

Our outreach events are usually held at the University of Arizona's Biosphere 2 and the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum.  Our outreach events include squid dissections, shark anatomy and intertidal education.  We also have small arts and crafts for children, as well as other hands on experiences.  In addition to our events at Biosphere 2 and ASDM, we visit local elementary, middle and high schools where we engage with students and educate them about marine ecosystems and sustainable fishing practices.  At the university, we participate in the annual Tucson Festival of Books, Spring Fling, Camp Wildcat, U of A Food Day, Wildcat World Fair and Earth Day, held at Reid Park each year.  We have partnered with other conservation organizations such as CEDO Intercultural, Viva Vaquita, Seafood Watch and the Center for Biological Diversity, to provide exceptional, educational outreach events in the Tucson community.

Through the Plant Sciences department, MycoCats is using post-consumer waste, like pizza boxes and spent coffee grounds, to produce gourmet mushrooms. MycoCats has a strong team of undergraduate interns and they need YOUR help too! Join the UA School of Plant Sciences in creating an environmentally sustainable campus for Arizona.

Research Themes:
Business and Economics, Food Systems and Security, Natural Environment and Biodiversity, Public Health, Science Engagement, Urban Environment

DL 50 is made up of an exceptional group of CALS Students that will take part in an exciting career leadership program to develop training in entrepreneurship and management. The program lasts about 2 years. Applications are due in September each year.  

Research Themes:
Business and Economics

SHAC provides an important avenue for students seeking to offer input and assistance to the Campus Health Service. Over thirty students participate in organizing health promotion and prevention activities held throughout the year. SHAC is composed of interested students with an intense passion to help others by working as liaisons between the student body and the Campus Health Service (CHS).

Research Themes:
Public Health

IIE/INCOSE is an organization for Systems and Industrial Engineering students, as well as anyone else who is interested. The club aims to provide its students with opportunities to network with their peers and industry. Members participate in events within the SIE department and class review sessions, as well as attend national conferences.

Research Themes:
Business and Economics, Informatics, Modeling, and Remote Sensing, Science Engagement

SBESC is a student-run club for students majoring in Sustainable Built Environments. The club promotes and educates the campus and Tucson community about sustainable built environments in order to make our communities, buildings, and landscapes more sustainable. Members participate in events and projects, professional networking, and social events related to sustainable environments. 

Research Themes:
Business and Economics, Climate and Adaptation, Energy, Informatics, Modeling, and Remote Sensing, Science Engagement, Urban Environment

The University of Arizona SME Student Chapter is a student-run club that promotes awareness in the fields of mining, metallurgy, and exploration through education and direct exposure to mining practices, equipment, sustainability, and safety practices. 

Research Themes:
Energy, Informatics, Modeling, and Remote Sensing, Science Engagement

AEG is an organization that provides leadership, advocacy, and applied research in environmental and engineering geology. The club connects students and professionals through meetings, conferences, and events. AEG also offers students environmental and engineering geology opportunities through field trips and hands-on experiences.

Research Themes:
Climate and Adaptation, Energy, Natural Environment and Biodiversity, Science Engagement

MESA is a non-political society that brings together scholars, educators, and students interested in the study of the Middle East. Members participate in events and discuss ideas related to the Middle East and the culture, politics, and the environment of that area of the world. 

Research Themes:
Environmental Arts and Humanities, Governance, Law, and Policy, Natural Environment and Biodiversity