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Explore obtaining degrees or minors that deal with environmental and sustainability concepts: pursue a Green Degree, add a Green Track to a degree, or complete a Green Minor!



Welcome to the University of Arizona Green Degree Guide! Before you get started, let us make everything a little clearer:

What really is a Green Degree?

A Green Degree is a degree offered at the University of Arizona that relates directly to sustainability and/or the environment. Obtaining a Green Degree will well equip you to pursue careers in these topics. Green Degrees are subject to change, check this webpage annually to see all changes in Green Degrees offered at the University of Arizona.

*Both majors and minors are offered in this category

What is a Green Concentration?

A Green Concentration is attributed to a degree that would not normally be considered "green", such as Public Administration, but the program offers an established track/concentration/focus in the environment and/or sustainability and relates the concentration to the programs’ core classes.

What is a Green Certificate?

A certificate at the University of Arizona is an effective way to pursue interests without declaring a major or minor. A Green Certificate will provide educational exposure to the environment and/or sustainability while you complete other majors and/or minors (that do not need to pertain to the environment or sustainability). Please ask your advisor about which certificates best suit your environmental interests!

      UNDERGRADUATE GREEN CERTIFICATES: (certificate title, college)

Follow this link for more information on undergraduate certificates:

  1. Agricultural Leadership & Innovation, Agriculture & Life Sciences
  2. Geographic Information Science, Agriculture & Life Sciences
  3. Groundwater, Science
  4. International Environmental Conservation, Agriculture & Life Sciences
  5. Rangeland Management, Agriculture & Life Sciences
  6. Zoo & Aquarium Conservation, Agriculture & Life Sciences

GRADUATE GREEN CERTIFICATES (certificate title, sponsoring academic unit)

Follow this link for more information on graduate certificates:

  1. Administration and Management of American Indian Natural Resources, American Indian Studies Program
  2. Agricultural Leadership, Department of Agricultural Education
  3. Aquaculture, Department of Soil, Water & Environmental Sciences
  4. Connecting Environmental Science and Decision Making, School of Geography & Development
  5. Dendrochronology, Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research
  6. Geoengineering, College of Engineering
  7. Hydraulics and Water Resources Engineering, Department of Civil Engineering & Engineering Mechanics
  8. Hydrology and Water Resources, Department of Hydrology & Water Resources
  9. Water Policy, School of Geography & Development

You should also note that there are degrees and minors offered that have environmental and sustainability themed courses, while not being specifically designated as Green Concentrations. If you do not see the degree program you are looking for, you can learn how to integrate environment and sustainability topics into your studies, regardless of your degree, by reading Tips for Greening Your Education.

Search by either a UA College, a Research Theme or a combination of both to find the perfect Undergraduate Green Certificate, Degree or Minor option for you!