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Rangeland Management

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Agriculture & Life Sciences
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The Certificate in Rangeland Management provides disciplinary knowledge and field experience in the science of ensuring the sustainable use of arid and semi-arid grasslands, savannas and shrublands. These types of landscapes cover about 50% of the global land surface. Rangelands provide all four types of ecosystems services: Provisioning Services include domestic livestock and wildlife species, water catchments, and energy development; Regulating services include the capture and sequestration of atmospheric carbon dioxide; Supporting services include the primary production of plant mass through photosynthesis; and Cultural services include scientific discovery, recreation, and spiritual fulfillment.  The basic challenge for Rangeland managers is to sustain these ecosystem services in the face of increasing human populations, changing climate conditions, and conversion of rangelands to cities and industrial uses.

The Certificate includes coursework and field experience about plant ecology, grazing ecology and management, inventory and monitoring of rangeland conditions, vegetation management practices, and rangeland planning. The Certificate is for those seeking to supplement an existing BS degree and gain advantages in job acquisition and promotion with state or federal agencies, or increased consulting opportunities.

Research Themes: 
Climate and Adaptation
Informatics, Modeling, and Remote Sensing
Natural Environment and Biodiversity