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Planning (MS)

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Arch, Planning, & Landscape Arch
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Planning (MS) 

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The Planning Program at the University of Arizona is located in the School of Landscape Architecture and Planning. Our program is fully accreditated by the Planning Accreditation Board (PAB) offering you a range of concentrations that you prepare you for the world of work in a growing and very important profession.

Urban Planning is a systematic, creative way to influence and respond to a wide variety of changes occurring in a neighborhood, in a city, in an entire region, or around the world. Planners assist communities to formulate plans and policies to meet their social, economic, environmental, and cultural needs in the face of societal forces. Planners do so by identifying problems and opportunities, evaluating alternative solutions or plans, and communicating their findings in ways that allow citizens and public officials to make knowledgeable choices about the future.

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The College of Architecture, Planning and Landscape Architecture (CAPLA), the nation's leader in sustainable design and planning for arid regions, embodies the oldest design and planning programs in the state of Arizona. CAPLA faculty work at the forefront of sustainability and regenerative development, specifically, alternative energy, water conservation, landscape ecology, climate change adaptation, affordable housing, and heritage preservation. Our alumni are recognized internationally for modern desert architecture, landscape architecture, and urban and regional planning and design comprising what is known as the "Arizona School."


Research Themes: 
Informatics, Modeling, and Remote Sensing
Public Health
Urban Environment