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Mining Geological/Geophysical Engineering (PHD)

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Mining Geological/Geophysical Engineering (PHD)  

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Doctoral (PhD) Program


The doctoral program is designed to prepare a professional engineer for senior responsibility in industry, research, or teaching. The successful candidate must demonstrate the ability to devise and execute a program of study and research, which makes a fundamentally new contribution to the chosen field. The most important aspect of the doctoral program is the dissertation, which is the evidence of this fundamental contribution. The student should be prepared for an often lengthy and certainly very demanding period of study beyond the master’s degree. The Ph.D. dissertation must disclose:

(1) The development of new techniques, principles, or theories;

(2) The use of old established techniques, principles, or theories in a new and/or unique manner; and/or

(3) The use of new information and the discovery of new findings if it is described in terms of an original model or process.

(4) It should also lead to at least one significant paper published in a reviewed journal at the discretion of the advisor and program committee.

A collection of facts and information, no matter how carefully organized or described, does not by itself constitute a Ph.D. dissertation. A Ph.D. dissertation research program will often make use of the contributions from a faculty advisor and others, but it should be clear exactly what creative contribution the Ph.D. candidate has made to the research.


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