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Mining Geological/Geophysical Engineering (MS)

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Mining Geological/Geophysical Engineering (MS)  

Program Description

Master of Science (MS) Program

The M.S. is intended for students who want to study in a specialized area and to work closely with a faculty member on a unique research topic and complete an independent research project. The M.S. degree is the ideal entry point into a Ph.D. program. Students planning to pursue a Ph.D. are strongly encouraged to pursue the M.S. option.  The degree is 30 units including 6 units of thesis credit.  Students are required to give one seminar or present a paper at a professional conference.

Upon completion of a M.S. degree, the graduate will be able to:

Possess a thorough knowledge of engineering principles in subdisciplines related to the department
Possess a basic knowledge of business and/or socio-economic principles that impact the profession
Have a sufficient mathematical and computer background to formulate and solve practical problems in the discipline
Access, analyze, and utilize available information from a variety of sources
Use competencies associated with critical thinking and problem solving
Demonstrate the ability to formulate and conduct a research project
Demonstrate the ability to communicate the results of a research project both orally and in writing
Demonstrate the ability to influence others
Demonstrate the ability to work effectively on a team
Demonstrate life-long learning skills
Possess an awareness of ethics in engineering research
Demonstrate a commitment to the advancement of the profession
Be able to assess and present an engineering problem and solution in relation to societal issues