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Literacy, Learning and Leadership Minor

Degree or Minor: 
Undergraduate Minor
UA College: 
Degree/Minor Description: 

Students who pursue the Literacy, Learning and Leadership minor will gain a basic understanding in how to work in settings outside of schools and classrooms and to provide leadership and learning opportunities. Students will have the opportunity to learn about sustainability and education and environmental learning, and will be able to incorporate that information into the educational programs that they build. Students will also examine policies that promote equity and educational access for immigrant children and adults, for people living in poverty, and for people with disabilities.

Research Opportunities: 

Cooper Center for Environmental Learning: The Cooper Center is an organization that provides hands-on learning experiences in the Sonoran Desert. The center educates thousands of school children, educators, pre-service teachers, and volunteers about ecology, science and the Sonoran Desert.

Research Themes: 
Environmental Arts and Humanities
Governance, Law, and Policy
Science Engagement