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Landscape Architecture (MLA)

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Arch, Planning, & Landscape Arch
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Landscape Architecture (MLA) 

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The Master of Landscape Architecure (MLA) Program aspires to be an eminent design program with an emphasis on sustainable strategies. We strive to develop a culture of scholarship and teaching innovation aimed at advancing the practice of landscape architecture for the 21st century. We look to continuously evolve our approaches toward outcomes that improve design processes and solutions. Within this context, our central theme is sustainable design and is characterized by a careful understanding of landscape ecology, landscape planning, cultural landscapes, history and theory, fine art, and technical and digital media proficiency.  We define ourselves by the quality of our graduates who are: a) prepared for professional practice, and b) scholars of the discipline. Our purpose, core essential values, and associated objectives are centered on the mission statement.

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School of Landscape Architecture and Planning -

The College of Architecture, Planning and Landscape Architecture (CAPLA), the nation's leader in sustainable design and planning for arid regions, embodies the oldest design and planning programs in the state of Arizona. CAPLA faculty work at the forefront of sustainability and regenerative development, specifically, alternative energy, water conservation, landscape ecology, climate change adaptation, affordable housing, and heritage preservation. Our alumni are recognized internationally for modern desert architecture, landscape architecture, and urban and regional planning and design comprising what is known as the "Arizona School."