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International Security Studies

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Social & Behavioral Sciences
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 The International Security Studies Certificate consists of 4 courses or 12 credit hours. Courses are drawn from a variety of topics such as Conflict in the Middle East, Climate Change, Foreign Policy of Russia, American Foreign Policy, American National Security, International Security, Global Political Economy, European Security, and Terrorism and Terrorist Networks, Energy Security, and Japanese and Chinese Nationalism.  Students who register for the ISS certificate take the same courses as students who are enrolled in the MA program. Moreover, all courses taken through the ISS certificate program will count towards the MA degree. Students with a GPA of  less than 3.0 are encouraged to apply for the Certificate first.

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School of Government and Public Policy -

The School of Government and Public Policy was formed in 2009 by combining two highly ranked programs – political science and public administration and policy - bringing them under a single roof. Located in the College of Social & Behavioral Sciences, SGPP is one of the largest schools at the University of Arizona and is uniquely situated to serve as a new model for public affairs education by promoting high-caliber research, teaching, community outreach, and civic leadership.

By offering leading programs in political science, international relations, public policy, and public management, SGPP prepares men and women for leadership positions in the public and nonprofit sectors.

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Governance, Law, and Policy